The Last Book Club Presents: Press Kit


Once upon a time, four game designers banded together to spin their doubts and dreams into high-energy rock with a literary bent. This was the first meeting of The Last Book Club.  

Following in the tradition of indie rock storytellers like The Decemberists and The Mountain Goats, they add boy-girl harmonies and influence from postrock and emo to create shimmering theatrical anthems rooted in far-flung narratives.  To accomplish this, they argue about metaphors a lot.


Their first single, recorded at Studio Litho in Seattle with End of Saints, was released in March 2020.  Newlywed singers Samantha Vick and Mike Sennott take the mic on “Paladin” and “Important” respectively, offering two different spins on the same topic. Both songs channel the impostor syndrome they felt as new game designers into cathartic, triumphant rock. Their second single, recorded in the same session, will be available in the summer of 2020.

The Last Book Club is:
Samantha Vick (vocals, bass)
Mike Sennott (vocals, guitar)
Sela Davis (keys, guitar, backing vocals)
Jorge Rodriguez (drums)
and you.

Additional “Prologue” credits:
Drums by Ben Walker
Produced by Jav
Engineered by Jav & Shawn Simmons at Studio Litho and End of Saints in Seattle, WA
Mixed by Jav at End of Saints
Mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering in Seattle, WA


New single “Prologue (Black)” features:
Paladin MP3 (320k) | AIFF | YouTube | Lyrics
Important MP3 (320k) | AIFF | YouTube | Lyrics

Our music can also be found on:

Band Photos

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Logos & Branding

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Notable Live Venues

  • The Funhouse – Seattle, WA
  • Substation – Seattle, WA
  • Lucky Liquor – Tukwila, WA

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